About Us / FAQs

What's is Club Carlos?
What started as simple virtual classes during the pandemic taught by Carlos Diaz and Magda Garcia, ClubCarlos.com has grown into a virtual fitness facility providing weekly and on-demand Zumba® Fitness classes for everyone.

ClubCarlos.com is registered as a fitness facility with Zumba Fitness, LLC.
How long have you been teaching?
Carlos has been a licensed Zumba® Instructor since 2017, and has been a licensed Choreography Zumba® Jammer since 2021. As a Zumba® Jammer, Carlos travels the world training other Zumba® Instructors, music skills, networking, and choreography.

Maggy has been a licensed Zumba® Instructor since 2018. She's also licensed to teach Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Kids, Zumba® Kids Jr., and Zumbini®
Where did the "Club" name come from?
The term was first used in 2017 and was coined by Carlos' students because since the studio he worked at did not have color lighting, he purchased some, then set up and took down his lights to deliver his students a unique nightclub-like experience for every class he taught.
Are you Certified, Licensed, and Insured?
Yes, yes, and yes! We are true fitness professionals and we not only are Certified Group Fitness Instructors through the Athletics Fitness Association of America (AFAA - CGFI), but all instructors are also licensed by Zumba Fitness to teach both Zumba® and Strong Nation® classes.
Do you have Internet Music Performance Licenses?
Yes! ClubCarlos.com currently holds licenses from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC which allows us to legally offer live and on-demand content in the United States. Please refer to the DCMA and Music Licensing section in our Terms of Use for more information.
Where are the classes?
Click the links below for the most updated schedules and locations.

Can I go live, in-person classes?
Absolutely! If you are a member of Life Time you can join any of our classes at no additional charge. VIP members, who are not Life Time members, get 1 free in-gym class per month.

Visit our Gym Class Schedule for dates and times.
Can I host you in my town for a Master Class or Jam™ Session?
We would love that! Just reach out to us here.